Movie Ramblings: Cargo

Overall Cargo is a reasonably good sci-fi mystery thriller that relies heavily on influences from other movies and occasionally suffers from some significant lapses in logic.

This film begins with an obvious Blade Runner influence with a massive space station full of bright neon signs and luxury nestled alongside slums populated by the destitute. Even the high tech stuff has an air of decay and neglect. The style swiftly switches to heavy Alien and Event Horizon influences (to name just the most obvious) once off the station. Total Recall and Matrix style conspiracy theories abound in the build up to a somewhat unexpected ending. It works hard to convince you that a jump scare is coming round every corner when in fact there are very few and seems to want you to think that an Event Horizon style gore fest is imminent when the actual plot is much more thoughtful. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: The Tall Man

The-Tall-Man banner

The Tall Man is a well made thriller film with a couple of good twists which make you re-think what you have seen before. In small town America where poverty and deprivation are rife and children go missing with alarming regularity, Julia is a nurse who runs a clinic for the people of the area. Despite her efforts to better their lives and those of their children the locals are mistrustful of her . When Julia’s child goes missing the locals start behaving in a very suspicious manner indeed.

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Movie Ramblings: Side Effects


Side Effects is a story about a depressed woman who is prescribed a new anti-depressant to help her cope with the return of her insider-trading husband from prison. The side effects of these drugs seem to make her do unusual things in her sleep. What starts off as a medical drama about medical trials soon turns into a criminal and courtroom drama and thriller. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: The Thing (2011)


The 2011 version of The Thing is a prequel to the 1982 film The Thing which was itself a remake of 1951s The Thing from Another World. Confusing? not really if you just want to enjoy an action science fiction movie. Apparently, although this is a prequel and not a remake, a lot of attention has been paid to the 1982 version in terms of re-creating sets and scenery etc. As far as I know, no attention at all was paid to the 1951 version. If you haven’t seen it already, watch the 1982 version first even though it comes second chronologically. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: La Cara Oculta (The Hidden Face)


A Spanish mystery thriller about a man whose girlfriend goes missing and how his life changes as a result. Interestingly you don’t know where the film is going for a long while and it does a really good job of keeping you guessing until a scene, just a few seconds long, about halfway through, which feels like it has given the whole thing away. You quickly find that there is still more to discover but it still feels like a child carefully telling a complicated joke who, seeing the end approaching, gets carried away and blurts out the punchline too early. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: The Day


The Day is a good gritty post apocalyptic thriller. It is shot similar to The Road and Hell and in most scenes I was unsure whether it was truly in black and white or very desaturated colour. Wardrobe and make up have done a very god job of making sure every one looks suitably thin, dirty and ragged with the notable exception of the cleanly shaven armpits of the female characters. Unfortunately, like Hell, after a very promising start, this film dives straight into the cliché that there is only one good and nice group of survivors and everyone else is murdering, torturing, cannibal scum. This is more intelligently done in this movie than in many others of the same type I have seen but I was really hoping for a more complex story line after the strong opening. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Some Guy Who Kills People


Some Guy who Kills People on the face of it is a horror comedy film about revenge and it does this quite well. But it is also a sort of coming of age story about a man recently released from a psychiatric hospital coming to terms with his traumatic past and attempting to re-integrate into society and his dysfunctional family life. It is this story of adjustment that takes the fore and the gruesome murders that gradually dispose of all his old enemies form an absurdist background. The story is often touching and funny with the gruesome murders nicely done and presenting a nice counterpoint.

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