Movie ramblings: The Divide

The second movie I watched today was The Divide ( a post-apocalyptic thriller that follows a group of New York City residents who take refuge from a totally unexplained nuclear attack on the city in the basement of their building.

My conclusion: nicely made and acted but it would be really nice to watch an end of the world movie that didn’t involve people turning into murdering, raping sadists at the first sign of civilisation going to pot.

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Movie ramblings: Gone

I watched 2 movies today, the first was Gone ( described as “A contemporary psychological thriller in which a young British couple travelling through the Australian outback become involved with a mysterious and charismatic American” – IMDB.

My conclusion: I don’t give stars but it was reasonably enjoyable but not really any good. Continue reading

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Cropredy 2012

Just a quick post this time to get the photos from Cropredy festival online for those who were there with us.  We all had a wonderful time but it was very hot and we had to go and hide from the sun quite a lot.  Look out for the pictures of John getting all his hair chopped off by Dave!

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