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Croyde Holiday 2006 John’s Photos


This page has all the photographs taken of the Croyde holiday by John. These pictures fill in a number of gaps in my calalogue of pictures and unfortunately a number of them actually have me in them! Continue reading

Photography, Travel

Croyde Holiday 2006

Welcome to the photo diary of our trip to Croyde 2006
09/09/2006 – 16/09/2006

In 2006 we revived the some time tradition of taking a holiday down in Croyde on the North Devon coast. According to the tradition this holiday is taken at the start of the off season in September and this means that we have to take pot luck with the weather. On this occasion we were very lucky (or unlucky in the case of those of us who burn in the sun) and had plenty of sunshine and it was even warm enough to swim in the sea without the benefit of a wet suit (unless your name is Lance that is). Continue reading