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Movie Ramblings: Sightseers

Sightseers Sightseers was part of the Broadway Cinema Mayhem season a while ago and I was disappointed to have missed it so I was pleased when it arrived in the post from Lovefilm.  Without giving any more spoilers than you would get from watching the trailer, Sightseers is a story about a middle aged couple whose stereotypically dull caravan holiday turns into a murder spree across the Midlands and north of England. Continue reading

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Cropredy 2012

Just a quick post this time to get the photos from Cropredy festival online for those who were there with us.  We all had a wonderful time but it was very hot and we had to go and hide from the sun quite a lot.  Look out for the pictures of John getting all his hair chopped off by Dave!

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Camping with Lizzie in the Peak District Day 2 – Otter Sanctuary

Day 2 of camping in the Peak District was supposed to be spent walking, however it was still raining when we woke up so we laid in for a bit and then went looking for local attractions which would allow greater opportunity to hide from the rain if necessary.  Lizzie had found a brochure for a local animal sanctuary the Chestnut Centre which has lots of owls and otters and a nature trail so we decided to head there. Continue reading

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Camping with Lizzie in the Peak District Day 1 – Arrival

Lizzie and I spent a weekend camping in the Peak District.  Weather was wet and cold (really really cold) but this didn’t dampen our spirits much.  On Friday 18/05 we finished packing up the car and headed off to the Peak District. Continue reading