Movie Ramblings: Elysium

Matt Damon stars as Max, a kid from a troubled background trying to turn over a new leaf in a future world that is a painfully obvious allegory for the way that rich nations today behave towards poorer ones (or towards the poor in their own countries). This sci-fi action thriller is heavy on the preaching and flashy effects and almost unbearably light on the plot and characters.

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Movie Ramblings: Daybreakers

In 2019, 10 years after the outbreak of a mysterious infection, most of the human race have become vampires. The remaining 5% of the human population are either on the run or kept by the vampires in Matrix style facilities as living blood banks. Faced with a shortage of blood that will lead to the end of the vampire race, vampire scientists are under pressure to produce a blood substitute that may allow humans and vampires to live side by side. Continue reading