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Scotland 2008 Day 4 – Edinburgh

We didn’t have much time on Sunday, breakfast at the guest house was served at 9 and I had to be on my way by 12 to make have any chance of getting home at a reasonable time. So after breakfast we packed the stuff back into the car and checked out. Then we wandered up the road a bit to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Continue reading

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Scotland 2008, Day 3 – Edinburgh

After walking in Callendar, we went to the tourist office and they were able to book us into the Dene Guest House for the Saturday evening in Edinburgh. We set off in some dreadful weather and drove the hour or so over to Edinburgh. After checking in to the guest house we went off sight seeing. Continue reading

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Scotland 2008, Days 1 & 2

Helen has gone to Scotland to film some cats doing stuff so when she got a few days off at the end of March, it seemed like a good time to head north of the border and get some walking and sight seeing done. Driving up the 320 miles from Nottingham wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might have been but I was several times distracted by the slightly lax attitude they seem to have with road signs up north. Continue reading