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Lizzie’s Steampunk Assassin 30th birthday

DSC_0060After much deliberation, Lizzie decided on a “steampunk assassin” theme for her thirtieth birthday party.  Once the theme was announced, construction of costumes and decorations began.  Lizzie got very excited when she ordered a bespoke cake from Glitter and Sparkle Cakes with a steampunk theme. Continue reading

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Dave and Ellie Piper’s wedding – part 2

After I realised that my last post covering this wedding was getting far too long, I decided the “official” photographs would be a good break point.  This post covers the group pictures taken just before the reception, the meal, the speeches and the dancing afterwards.  Enjoy! Continue reading

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Hello Cupcake!

For her birthday in 2010, Lizzie planned a cupcake party.  Everyone who came was to bring some cupcakes and then everyone could share them.  Unfortunately with so many guests, we ended up with at least 20 cupcakes each to eat.  Most of us didn’t manage it! Continue reading

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Lizzie’s Silly Birthday

Lizzie decided to celebrate her birthday this year by also celebrating all things silly. There were obstacle courses, a den, silly games, a poop chart and of course jelly.  We were told that “anything goes as long as it is silly!” Sillyness was expected in dress, food, behaviour, games and every other aspect of the evening. Continue reading