Movie Ramblings: Hummingbird

stathamhummingbirdI’ve watched a few Jason Statham movies recently, my ramblings about Parker are here.  I might get round to writing about the others at some point!

This one is widely touted as the film that proves that Jason Statham can act.  I’m not sure that I’m bothered about this.  As I’ve said before, I watch this kind of movie for specific things, people getting punched by Jason, people punching Jason, people getting sworn at and shot at left right and centre.

The ramblings below contain discussion of the plot and therefore could be considered to be spoliers. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Parker


With a Jason Statham movie you know what to expect: there will be guns, swearing and violence and Jason will get to punch people in the face.  People will get to punch him in the face too but he doesn’t mind this, he’s Jason Statham, he is happy for them to have their go while he waits for his turn.

This film does not disappoint on these fronts and it manages to avoid some of the clichés that these types of movie often fall into.  I cant guarantee this post will be spoiler free, but hey you probably aren’t watching this one for the plot! Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Warm Bodies

warmbodiesWarm Bodies is a kind of reverse zombie movie.  The main characters are the zombies and, with an exception, the humans are secondary characters.  Overall it is pretty cheesy with the main theme being about how love can change people. And some of the acting isn’t great but overall it makes for an amusing film. Continue reading

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Movie Ramblings: Sightseers

Sightseers Sightseers was part of the Broadway Cinema Mayhem season a while ago and I was disappointed to have missed it so I was pleased when it arrived in the post from Lovefilm.  Without giving any more spoilers than you would get from watching the trailer, Sightseers is a story about a middle aged couple whose stereotypically dull caravan holiday turns into a murder spree across the Midlands and north of England. Continue reading