Movie Ramblings: Stand Up Guys


Al Pacino and Christopher Walken star in a kind of reversed buddy movie.  Instead of being 2 disparate characters who, over the course of the story and adversity, become friends, they play two old friends with a very strong bond who look like they are going to be driven apart by old wounds and divided loyalties. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Citadel


Citadel is a tense and well made horror which manages to make good use of various horror stereotypes without relying on them to drive the film.  The result is perhaps less jump-inducingly scary than many modern horror films but ends up as a better film overall.

parentaladvisoryWarning: Like the film itself, this post contains some foul language.  If you are offended by swearing or mild spoilers, please look away now.


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Movie Ramblings: Tower Block

TowerBlockTower Block is a pretty formulaic thriller where the residents of a tower block are terrorised by an unknown sniper.  There aren’t many twists and the only suspense really is generated by wondering who’s going to get killed next.  It is reasonably obvious from the beginning who is going to make it and who the sniper is.  It this were a Hollywood movie it would be terrible but there is something about the gritty edge and sense of realism that I get from a British movie (I know I am British and therefore probably biased) that makes it more enjoyable viewing. Continue reading