Movie Ramblings: Before I go to Sleep


Before I go to Sleep has an interesting concept: Christine, a woman in her 40’s with amnesia has no knowledge of her life over the last 20 years and forgets everything new she finds out during the day when she goes to sleep at night. She starts to become suspicious that some of the things people tell her are not true but without any ability to remember, how can she know who to trust or even if she can trust herself?

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Movie Ramblings: The Facility


The Facility is a story about a group of people who have signed up for a trial of an experimental drug. Of course, despite the stringent testing required before human trials are allowed, the trial goes wrong and loads of people end up dead. The film starts with a lengthy introduction of the characters and the drug trial process and it really feels like it is taking too long to get going. In contrast, once things start falling apart everything seems to happen too quickly. There is an interesting twist at the end but everything else in-between is pretty generic horror. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Manborg


Similar to Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl, Kung Fury or Machine Girl Manborg is a deliberately tacky low budget film. Unlike these three though Manborg doesn’t have anything much to raise it above the poor acting, cringe inducing dialogue and terrible effects. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: The Canyons


This film is really boring. I’m not going to spend too much time on writing about this one as I already wasted 99 minutes¬†of my life watching it. There are full spoilers here, you have been warned! Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Dead Mine


Dead mine is a horror film that takes the thoroughly overused trope of Nazi medical experiments run amok and tries to spice it up a bit by replacing the Nazis with the Japanese Imperial Army. Although not very original in terms of plot and containing heavily stereotyped characters this film does have some good things going for it.

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Movie Ramblings: Alone


Alone, AKA Solo, is a pretty standard formula camp (as in camping) slasher horror movie. Gillian, a troubled teen with recurring nightmares about her dead sister, gets a job as a camp counsellor to help her to rehabilitate (against the wishes of her parents and therapist). As part of her training/induction/job interview, she is sent to spend 2 nights camping alone on an island. Of course there is a creepy back story to the island and the other counsellors waste no time in giving us the exposition telling her that it is haunted by the ghost of a girl who went missing on a trip there years earlier. Continue reading


Movie Ramblings: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

children_shouldnt_play_with_dead_things_poster_2_214x317First off, I’d like to point out that there are no children in this film. Children can be a blessing and a curse to horror films but even the most hackneyed creepy child would have been preferable to what we get here. The main character, Alan, refers to his companions as “children” because, and there’s no polite way of saying this: he’s a dick. I’ll refer to the rest of the cast as “children” or companions of Alan throughout this ramble because no one would actually be friends with a dick like Alan. Continue reading