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South Africa Trip 2004 – Day 5

31/03/2004 The 5th day of my trip was the 3rd day on safari and the first full day spent in Kruger Park.

We were up early and off for a drive spotting animals before breakfast.  We saw the ubiquitous impala as well as giraffe and elephants.  We stopped for breakfast at a water hole and then carried on the drive seeing some more of the same animals. We also saw a cheetah right by the side of the road.  It was very exciting to see her (she was pregnant) but very hard to get pictures as she kept moving in the grass. Continue reading

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South Africa Trip 2004 – Day 4


We were up at 6.30 to break fast and break camp and then headed off towards Kruger Park via the Berlin Falls.  At the falls there was much amusement over a sign in the middle of nowhere warning of “extreme danger”.  There was no other concession to this danger other than the sign.  We spent some time here exploring the area and found a path that lead from where we parked the bus (the viewpoint of the first picture below) to the head of the falls which can be seen in the first few pictures below. Continue reading


South Africa Trip 2004 – days 1-2

This never before published section of my travel memoirs covers the trip from Nottingham to South Africa and the couple of days I spent in Johannesburg before starting my safari.  It is not very interesting (which is why it hasn’t been published before) and there are no pictures so you might want to skip on to day 4 where there are pictures and stuff. Continue reading


South Africa Trip 2004

This is a very old post from my first website and the reason why I started making web pages in the first place.  I wanted to share my experiences and my photographs with my friends and especially with the new friends I made on my trip.  The original text has been re-written several times over the years as I have spruced up the site or, like in this case, when I have moved to a different service provider. Continue reading