I fart in your general direction: a Monty Python fancy dress project

Someone suggested that we recapture a bit of our lost youth by dressing up and going on a pub crawl across campus.  In Nottingham this traditionally requires visiting 14 bars in fancy dress and drinking in each one.  There is a separate blog for the event itself.  This is a blog about how I got totally engrossed in preparing my costume, to the extent of doing nothing else in my spare time and even taking some last minute days off during the week to work on it. Continue reading


Are you suggesting coconuts migrate? A Monty Python pub crawl

Someone who shall remain nameless decided that it would be a good idea to go on a 14 bar pub crawl after going out for a walk in the Peak District on Saturday morning. Then someone (nameless again) decided that it would be a good idea to have the pub crawl in fancy dress with a Monty Python theme. Someone else (me) decided that it would be cool to have a project to work on and embarked on a life devouring week long quest for the ultimate python costume. It came out quite well but I think I can do better…. Continue reading

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Walking in Edale, anyone check the forecast before we left?

Walking in the Peak District is wonderful, the scenery is fantastic, the people are friendly and it is great exercise. Unfortunately, being in England the weather can get a bit nasty and with little warning. The pictures below don’t really do the conditions justice. Suffice to say that when we are standing at odd angles, we are not drunk but are obliged to stand like that to avoid being blown down Continue reading