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Yorkshire trip with Lizzie 2

A view over the wall and finally some nice weather.
A view over the wall and finally some nice weather.

Following Dave and Ellie’s wedding, Lizzie and I took a week holiday just up the road in Skyreholme village in Yorkshire.  What we did in the first few days has already been published here.  This post covers the second half of our holiday. Continue reading

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Tipi Adventure

Helen and Aimee organised a trip down the river Wye in canoes staying overnight in a tipi.  They needed an extra person and I jumped at the chance to accompany them. Continue reading

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South Africa 2008 – Day 3 Swartberg Pass, Prince Albert, Nature’s Valley!

Plan for today is to head up Swartberg pass to Prince Albert to take a look at the scenery. Part way up the pass, the paved road gives way to quite steep gravel which was interesting to drive on in our rented saloon. The scenery was well worth it. Prince Albert itself was a bit of a disappointment but was a nice enough little town. Continue reading

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New Year 2007 – New Year’s Eve (part 2)

Monday 31/12/2007 continued

Once Grace arrived we all went round to Alan and Katie’s for a lovely fondue dinner. When we were fully satisfied we set off down to the beach for some fire play. No pictures I’m afraid as I left my camera behind. I’d also left my staff in Nottingham but since John brought 2 and Helen had hers and there were also poi and diablo available, no one missed out. We played for an hour or so and then headed back to warm up and get ready for the big event of midnight fireworks on the beach. Continue reading

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New Year 2007 Day 1

Having broken our tradition of spending the New Year in London by going to Amsterdam last year, someone suggested it would be fun to seen in 2008 in Croyde where we often go for our holidays. So we booked ourselves into 2 cottages at the Croyde Unison holiday site, a place where we had never stayed before, and started making plans. We headed down on Saturday 29/12 with our customary stop on the way to visit the wonders of Barnstaple retail park and arrived after dark. Continue reading