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South Africa 2008 – Day 6 Otter Trail Day 2

We were woken after our first night in the Otter Trail huts by the cawing of a crow perched on our roof. When Krys went out to take a look we were all startled by the much louder noise of screeching baboons that had been hanging out on our porch and were startled by her opening the door. We spent a little while pursuing the baboons round the camp trying to get a good picture but I didn’t manage any.

After baboon chasing followed by breakfast, we set out in pursuit of Heike who had risen early and set out well before us.

The guys spotted a couple of whales off the shore and watching them delayed us for a while too. Unfortunately they were too far away to get any pictures of but some great views through the binoculars.

Today was a difficult day with a lot of steep up and down parts that really took the wind out of me. There were a lot of rest stops and a number of collapses. The steep sections make me feel really unfit while I feel that I could run along the flat bits with much less effort.

We passed 2 waterfalls today. The first had a stagnant looking pool filled with weeds but the second had much nicer pools with very clear, very cold water. We stopped here for lunch and several of us went for a swim. The water was too cold for my taste so I just paddled instead.

After lunch the path went straight up in which was difficult after our meal of cheese and crackers. We finally made it to the rest stop around 4 and were very relieved by the opportunity to rest. After stretching (which some of us did standing on our heads!), some dinner and a massage I started to feel much more alive!


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